Raising the Voices of Under Represented Groups

In-clued specialises in Diversity and Inclusion Consulting in the Audio and Creative Industries. Focused on outreach and engagement programming, training and research,   In-clued can help you achieve engage with and reach under served groups as well as improving inclusion and representation within your business. We take on bespoke projects, run diversity training sessions are aiming to carry out research within the industry.



Diversity Consultant

Leanne is a Diversity Leader as well as a Marketer and Project Manager. She has driven Diversity Strategy at some of the biggest organisations in the world: Spotify, Google and Microsoft. 


Leanne created and ran Spotify UK's first diversity initiative and partnered with collectives such as Creative Equals, BYP Network, SheSaidSo and Geek Girls to drive diversity strategy across the three parts of their business: Tech, Advertising and Content. She was previously on the leadership team for the Black Googlers Network and also led a series of events encouraging female students into tech whilst at Microsoft.

Since leaving Spotify Leanne founded In-clued Consulting, where she primarily focuses on improving representation and inclusion within the audio industry. She was commissioned to work on the British Podcast Awards to improve representation at this year's awards and is a member of the steering committee for the Multitrack Fellowship - a paid audio production internship scheme for people of colour. 


Leanne is passionate about driving positive change in organisations to give underrepresented groups a voice and platform that they are often not shown in mainstream media.



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  • Only 6% of the radio and podcasting industry identify as BAME (Ofcom, 2018)


  •  There is a worrying lack of data to demonstrate representation in the audio industry (Ofcom, 2018)

  • Radio leadership is still dominated by white men and there are no signs of bringing diverse people up to change this  

  • Investment by big media houses into existing genres such as comedy that moved into podcasting early, that have a lack of diversity 


  • Bespoke development of strategies and programming to over come the challenges and achieve the objectives of a given organisation


  • Expertise in Diversity, Inclusion and Representation in the creative industries and how to successfully embed this within an organisation 






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